Homeopathic Medicine

Suitable treatment advice is only given after confidential consultations have taken place with a fully qualified experianced homeopathic consultant.

Chronic Disease

| Anemia | Ankylosing | Spondylitis | Asthama | Cervical Spondylitis | Diabetes | Gout | Joint pain | Muscular Dystrophy | Multiple Sclerosis | Osteoarthritis | Rheumatitis | Thyroid | Weakness |

Skin Disease

| Acne | Allergies | Alopecia | Areata | Baldness | Blackheads | Eczema | Dermatitis |


| Azoospermia | Endometriosis | Hormonal disease | Hydrocele | Male/Female Sexual Dysfunction | Menopause/Menstrual Problem |

Digestive Disorder

| Acidity | Colitis | Constipation | Gastric upset | Indigestion | Irritable Bowel Syndrome |

Psychological Somatic Disease

| Addiction | Anxiety | Depression | Confusion | Fatigue | Fear |


| Cold | Cough | Liver Problems | Sinusitis | Tonsillitis | Worms |

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Homeopathic medicines are prepared by taking a solution of the concentrated ingredient and diluting it many times. Vigorous shaking of the preparation is vital at each stage of dilution. Each stage is known as potency and homeopathic medicines at the 6th centesimal potency are suitable for treating minor ailments.

Homeopathy medicines are available for a range of conditions, from cuts and bruises to stomach upsets and colds. Minor aliments can be treated easily by yourself. If the symptoms persist, or severe you must seek the advice of your doctor.

Yes, Even though some of the medicines are potentially harmful in their non-homeopathic state, the extreme dilutions used for homeopathic treatment eliminate these dangers and unwanted side effects.

Yes, homeopathic medicines can be used by most people, but as there are many different homeopathic medicine available, and as each person responds to illness in a different way, take care in matching your symptoms to a particular homeopathic medicines and ensure that you carefully follows the instruction for taking it.

Although is suitable for home treatment of minor aliments and for first aid use, if you have a longstanding or more serious illness a qualified homeopathic doctor should be consulted. As we are all so very different on our mental and physical makeup it is reasonable to expect that our reaction to an illness will also be different and individual. Illnesses, which occurred many years previously, sometimes in childhood or even on our constitution and a skilled homeopath, may spend some time in tracing and removing these defects by the use of the correct homeopathic medicine.

Being very dilute the medicines are sensitive and should therefore be stored in a dry place below 25`C, in their original container and away from strong smells such as perfume, aftershave, coffee and moth repellents. Although they are perfectly safe, as a general rule all medicines should be kept out of reach of children.

There is no conflict between conventional medicines and homeopathic medicines and indeed both systems of therapy man sometimes be used together to compliment each other. In most cases when starting homeopathic treatment you should remain on your current conventional medicines. This is why it is so important to consult a homeopathic doctor, as they will be able to advise you on how to reduce you conventional medicine in a safe way.

No. once your symptoms start to lessen you should increase the time between doses according to the direction on the pack. Only restart treatment if your symptoms begin to re-appear.

Yes, it may. The dose is so minute that it can be easily contaminated, so tip the pill(s) into the cap of the container and avoid touching with your fingers.


No, it is frequency of taking the dose that matters, not the number of tablets. Always follow the instructions of the pack.